How to keep spammers off your web site

How to keep spammers off your web site

A good friend has just been made to look a complete pratt on Facebook.  His fault?  Not at all.  He was the innocent victim of spammers.  This is what happened…

Top 10 passwords you shouldn't use

Passwords are to keep people out. Do yours achieve that?

Most of us still haven't answered the call by security experts to implement more robust passwords.

In fact, in a list of the most easy to hack passwords, simply typing '123456' took a truly forgettable top prize.

Wordpress under attack

Wordpress is one of the most popular content management systems

If you’re using Wordpress for your web site, be aware of this one and take urgent action to upgrade to the latest release 2.8.4.

Under 0.5% of business in Cyprus happens on the web

E-Commerce is tiny in Cyprus - so it's a major opportunity to capitalise on!

Amazing statistic, but true. The source is The Statistical Service of Cyprus report, “Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Usage and e-Commerce Survey in Enterprises”. It tells a story of an economy in the dark ages when it comes to the use of the internet to help businesses grow.