customer satisfaction

Five steps to successful web business

E-commerce success is all about being totally customer-centric

Here are our five top tips when planning a successful e-business strategy:

Who are your customers and why do they buy from you?

Who are your customers and why do they buy from you?

An obvious question for any business. But one that surprisingly the majority of businesses are not able to answer well.

And when you're creating a new website for your business, a fundamenatl question to answer for lots of reasons.

Is your web site delivering?

A maze or a useful tool? You web site should be delivering results!

A new year is always a good time to reflect and consider how things can be better. And that of course includes your company’s web site.

Don’t think technology. Think customers and business objectives. Think business outcomes.

Turn unhappy customers into buying customers

Turn unhappy customers into buying customers

Dissatisfied customers are an interesting group that every web marketeer should take a great interest in because they represent a huge potential to grow your business. Here’s why…

Improve customer service and profitability

What can your web site be doing to enhance the service you give your customers?

Had an interesting discussion today. The client was a professional services business. They don’t sell products in the accepted sense.

Their business is built on credibility, integrity and ultimately helping their clients save or make money.