Five steps to successful web business

E-commerce success is all about being totally customer-centric

Here are our five top tips when planning a successful e-business strategy:

Start now to be selling online before Christmas

Start your internet shop now to be selling online before Christmas

Want to sell online, but not sure how it works or where to start? 

This article explains what happens when you buy online - or of course you can leave it all to us to get you started.

Facebook advertising

Facebook advertising - get more customers now

The latest thing internet entrepreneurs are using is Facebook advertising.  And it’s not hard to see why they’re excited!

Think about this:

What regulations apply to selling online?

What regulations apply to selling online?

When businesses start selling on the web, there's a raft of consumer protection legislation that applies throughout the EU to be aware of.

If you're operating fairly, there's nothing to be afraid of. However, it's good to understand what the regulations are so you don't fall foul of them.

Internet business growth specialists

Internet business growth specialists

Why are we so much more for our clients than just another web design company?

e-commerce shopping cart comparison

e-commerce shopping cart comparison

Recently we had a customer bring us a complex e-commerce requirement.

That prompted us to look again at the various e-commerce internet shopping cart solutions currently available.

Google Adwords: low cost, effective advertising

Advertising used to be expensive, loosely targeted and its effectiveness almost impossible to quantify. Until Google Adwords came along.

Google Adwords is inexpensive, very tightly targeted and you can measure it’s effectiveness precisely. And you can make it happen almost instantly.

e-commerce opportunity in Cyprus

EU statistics highlight the size of the Cyprus e-commerce opportunity

The European Union (EU) has just published some new statistics highlighting the growth of e-commerce throughout Europe.

These figures show clearly the size of the e-commerce opportunity waiting to be filled in Cyprus. And filled it will be, fast.

Is your web site delivering?

A maze or a useful tool? You web site should be delivering results!

A new year is always a good time to reflect and consider how things can be better. And that of course includes your company’s web site.

Don’t think technology. Think customers and business objectives. Think business outcomes.

e-commerce taxation treaty characterisation issues

e-commerce taxation treaty characterisation issues

There is no internationally accepted definition of e-commerce. The department of trade and industry have proposed to the OECD the following definition: