Google Analytics

We always recommend you track the visitor statistics for your website closely - and the best tool by far for doing that is Google Analytics.

Powerful, sophisticated, free - Google Analytics is a must have for every internet entrepreneur.

Here's a summary of what Google Analytics tracks.

Is your web site working hard enough?

Is your web site working hard enough?

All businesses looking for new customers can dramatically improve their chance of success by focusing more effort on where their potential customers look first.

And that’s on the web. Want to find something? Google it…

SEO gone mad - updated

SEO gone mad - updated

Yesterday we posted an article about the problems associated with using so called SEO experts.

Turns out that not only are they writing rubbish, their website is a virus carrier too. So please don’t go there.

SEO gone mad!

SEO gone mad!

The buzz today is search engine optimisation. Everybody wants to be number one in Google. But they’re missing the point.

We gets lots of questions about search engine optimisation. And we get bombarded with offers to optimise our site from all over the world and in particular India.

Cyprus Living: Be an internet entrepreneur from home

Cyprus Living:  Be an internet entrepreneur from home

Article reprinted from Cyprus Living, December 2009 edition

Many people are looking for a simple business they can run from home. Starting an Internet business is the perfect way of doing this. It’s relatively low cost to get started, and it can be done at times to suit you.

Big Bang Business has helped loads of companies small and large get started and grow businesses on the Internet. From that experience, here’s our checklist to get you started down the right path.

How to measure e-business success?

Internet marketing can be an exact science with the right web site analytics

The ultimate measure of success of any e-business or e-commerce web site is ‘does it sell’?

But along the path to a ‘Buy Now’ button, there’s a number of events you can measure to improve your web site’s performance.

Design or functionality?

Design or functionality?

Chatting to a friend recently, she’d just got a new website for her business. It looked great – lots of animations, great pictures, nice colour scheme.

Only problem was it just wasn’t getting found in Google at all. Why not?

The great SEO ripoff

SEO can be just one big rip off

Try doing a Google search for ‘SEO’ (Search Engine Optimisation) – you’ll be inundated with results.

The quest to be number one on Google has become the quest for everybody with a web site.