Who owns your web site domain name?

Who owns your web site domain name?

There’s a scam we come across frequently when picking up looking after an existing web site that isn’t delivering the goods.

Often, the web site domain name is owned by the company that produced the web site originally.

Naughty, naughty that one.

What it means is what should be your web site domain name is actually their web site domain name.

All’s fine with that until you want to move to a new company to maintain your web site. Suddenly you find yourself tied to the original developer, and you can’t break free.

If you’re asking anybody to build you a web site or register a web site domain name on your behalf, make sure it’s done in your name.

The same applies to web site hosting – make sure that the hosting is contracted in your name in case you ever decide you want to move it.

At Big Bang Business we always contract web site domain names and web site hosting in our client’s names. We’d rather you choose to stay with us rather than be compelled to stay with us.

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