Irresistible Persuasion by Geoff Burch

Irresistible Persuasion by Geoff Burch

Geoff Burch has been a favourite of mine ever since I heard him speak several years ago.  And since then he's gone on from strength to strength.

Picture it.  The room was packed with probably 100+ 'serious business types' in dark suits, white shirts and sober ties.

Geoff appeared with a pony tail and a Brumie accent.  And he had us in fits.

So much commonsense.  No bullshit.  Just good, solid advice on how to succeed in business and sales.  From the back cover...

Getting what you want isn’t easy. Why? Because a lot of the time most of us have no clear idea what we’re looking for. The key to being brilliantly persuasive is knowing exactly what you want before you set out to get it.

Irresistible Persuasion presents a process that you can apply to any situation; you choose your starting point and your goal, then just join the dots. It’s the only way to make success completely inevitable.

Irresistible Persuasion shows you how to entice people to your point of view, how to overcome resistance, how a bit of showbiz can go a long way and why you should always consider the other person when you’re negotiating. It’s packed with new persuasion techniques as well as many powerful traditional methods.

Geoff Burch is the presenter of BBC TV’s All Over The Shop. When he’s helped you to decide what you want, he’ll show you the irresistible way to get it. You won’t just get more customers, you’ll get more profitable customers.

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