You can sell more

Think 'salesman' and you think slick, smarmy git.  Just like Swiss Toni in the video.

It doesn't have to be like that, at all.  Nobody wants to be the caricature slick, smarmy, high pressure salesman. 

The secret is to get more people to buy from you.  They're happy and so are you.

Here's some common problems:

  • I hate selling things.  So do we.  So let's help you get more people to buy from you
  • I haven’t got enough customers.  Are there ever eough customers?  We can help you get more
  • I spend ages talking with people but nobody buys.  Yes - the dreaded tyre-kickers.  We'll show you how to help them convince themselves to buy from you
  • Everybody I try to sell to wants it cheaper.  (You too probably).  We can show you how to get customers to appreciate the value they're getting

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