Is your web site working hard enough?

Is your web site working hard enough?

All businesses looking for new customers can dramatically improve their chance of success by focusing more effort on where their potential customers look first.

And that’s on the web. Want to find something? Google it…

Over two thirds of companies looking for new products and services use the web to find new suppliers.

These people may not know of you, and they certainly don’t know your website address, so they’re almost certain to use a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing to find the products or services they want.

Try this...

  • Google your company name and you should expect to see your website listed. It isn’t? You’ve problem.
  • Google the products or services you provide. If you’re not listed new customers researching online will never find you. You’ve a problem.
  • What do customers see when they eventually reach your website? Customers are quick to spot cheap looking websites that don’t inspire trust or confidence. They exit your website before they ever know you offer better value than your competitors.

Now compare your your own website with those of your competitors.

If you have any misgivings about your website or how you are found online - so will your customers. And this will cost you sales. Improving your online performance does not require big budgets.

The great thing is the search engines aren’t interested in your branding, they’re only interested in what you say and how relevant it is to the customers’ search. Small guys really can compete effectively with big guys.

So to impress the search engines and get ranked highly make your website content relevant and useful.

To inspire trust and confidence make your website attractive, up to date and quick to load.

Online marketing is your most powerful tool in gaining new customers and by far the best return on investment when compared to traditional marketing methods.

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