Is your web site delivering?

A maze or a useful tool? You web site should be delivering results!

A new year is always a good time to reflect and consider how things can be better. And that of course includes your company’s web site.

Don’t think technology. Think customers and business objectives. Think business outcomes.

So often with web sites it’s easy to get lost in techno babble and miss the big issues. Try this as a line of thinking…

What do you want your company’s web site to do for your business?

Easy question. Less easy to answer. In this day and age don’t accept anything other than hard numbers.

It doesn’t matter if you’re counting sales, enquiries, appointments; you need to be counting some sort of recognisable business outcome.

Track back over at least the last six months. Can you identify and quantify definite business outcomes from your web site?

There’s two outcomes to this. You can, or you can’t. If you can, the question is how can it do more? If you can’t, the question is how can it start performing for you?

How can your web site do more?

Excellent. Already you’re ahead of most businesses. So the challenge is how to get further ahead. Think customers. How can you get your web site to them, and how can you get it to do useful things for them? If your web site becomes a useful resource for your customers, they’ll keep coming back.

Look at the paths through your site. How obvious and simple is it to get them to a ‘Buy Now’ button (or whatever the equivalent is for you)?

Look at the traffic statistics to see where people are leaving your site. Is there a gap that can be plugged? Can more information be provided to give reassurance at a critical time?

How can you get your web site to perform for you?

This is all about having a clear business objective for your web site. You need to know what exactly you want it to do. And you need to be able to measure that. Nothing else is good enough.

Start out by thinking about the business processes you have that interact with your customers. How can you use your business web site to enhance those processes for your customers?

  • What services can you offer that would materially help your customers?
  • How can processes be linked to your customers doing more with you?
  • Can you take time and cost out of processes at any point?

It’s about business

Over the years, generally, technology has served business very badly. And the excuse has often been that business leaders either don’t understand or can’t communiate effecively with those responsible for the IT investment.

The internet is all about interacting with your customers, providing them with helpful services and getting them to do more business with you.

So you must set business objectives and then measure against them. Just as you would with any other aspect of your business.

And if you need help with the technology, there’s always a way of getting it working for you. We’re always happy to talk through these sorts issues with you as sounding board. Maybe we can help, maybe we can’t. If you’d like to schedule such a discussion, they’re free. Call us now on 99 860725 or contact us.