Will your web site copy move a sonambulant sloth?

Will your web site copy move a sonambulant sloth?

Asking ‘will your copy move a somnambulant sloth’ is a question posed by copywriting master John Carlton.

I don’t like using unfamiliar words so let me just explain that somnambulant means ‘resembling the habits of a sleepwalker’ and a sloth is an animal with the reputation for being lazy and sleeping about 15 hours per day.

So John Carlton tells his copywriting students to think of their prospects as somnambulant sloth like creatures lazing on a coach with their laptop after a hard days work, full after a meal and feeling sleepy while browsing the web.

Is your web site copy powerful enough to make this person click the ‘Buy Now’ button?

How can you shock your prospect out of their zombie like state?

You see one of the big problems with reading is that it is passive and the mind can switch off and the eyes effectively skim over the words without leaving any impact on the brain.

You’re copywriting challenge is to actively involve visitors to your site. And you’ve got a couple of seconds to do it!