Web site objectives

What do you want your web site to achieve?

Did you know?  When creating or upgrading a web site, the first question to answer is what financial results do you expect it to generate and how?

Big Bang Business are a leading e-business and internet innovation consultancy in Cyprus who are experts at making the web sell profitably for you.

With years of experience at working with companies large and small, we bring an innovative and pragmatic approach to helping you sell more and make more profits with your web site.

Our unique approach joins your business objectives directly to your internet presence to help you streamline the way you do business.

We're not just another web site design company - we take a holistic e-business approach to help your business achieve more at lower costs whilst delighting your customers.

We're confident we can create a win-win business relationship between our companies that's focussed on achieving real business results.

We're based in Paphos, Cyprus and work with clients throughout Cyprus and internationally.

Objectives link results to traffic and conversions

We can help you define objectives for your web site.

We make direct links between profitability, sales volumes and then the measures you need to make sure you achieve the traffic and conversions to make your objectives happen.

Often profitability isn't just about selling more. Our expertise helps you streamline processes to reduces costs and offer your customers outstanding service. Increasingly your customers will be working 24/7, so you can be there for them whenever they want.

Web sites that look good and help customers buy

We can optimise your site to achieve real measureable conversions - getting people to find you, getting them to read and getting them to buy.

By 'optimise' we don't just mean doing better in the search engines. We mean looking at the entire process from landing on your site to getting to a 'buy now' button.

How can that be made easier and more reassuring to turn more visitors into customers?

How we work with you

We have two basic business models to make it easy for you to work with us in the way you want. These are:

  • On a coaching/consultancy basis: We work with you to help you define what needs to be done, and you can either get somebody else to implement it or even do it yourself. Generally we charge on a man/day basis for this approach. (Pam says a girl/day basis for her)
  • On a project basis: We work with you to define a scope of work that leads to a completed project, and then prepare you an estimate of the time and cost for the work to be done. This can include any of all of our services and can encompass everything from a revamp of an existing web site to the creation of a new one from scratch.

We're business people and we speak the language of business

Along the way we won't bury you in techno-gabble.

We'll describe clearly and openly what needs to happen and why.

We believe in delivering value to our clients. A simple web site can cost as little as €995 to get you online - though as every project is unique - we'd rather understand what you want to achieve before quoting pricing.

For clarity, we work for you, creating your web site that you own, at your domain that you also own. We rely on great service to keep our clients coming back, not some hidden trip wire to bite you later. If you're talking to other internet companies, be very clear about that point.

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