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We can help you choose and register a domain name for your website, and then set

Big-Bang-Business can research, source, register and set up web site domain names for you and associated web site hosting.

Choose the right domain name

Choosing the right web site domain name needs some thought.  It’s a key factor in being found by Google, and it needs to be memorable for your customers.

Choosing a domain name needs some careful research to make sure you get it right. Yes, you can change a web site domain name later – but you need to be careful when you do to let everybody know (especially Google and the other search engines!).

Choose the right Top Level Domain

Choosing the right tail is important too. Correctly known as a TLD or Top Level Domain, you’ll recognise it as ‘.com’, ‘.com.cy’ or ‘.co.uk’.

A ‘.com’ is a pretty safe choice for your TLD. It’s recognised as being international, and that’s fine for most web sites. If you want to imply a local presence in Cyprus, a ‘.com.cy’ is the ideal choice, but registering ‘.com.cy’ domains is restricted, slow and expensive.

If you’re marketing in the UK, a ‘.co.uk’ is fine. Other choices are a ‘.eu’, but somehow that one hasn’t caught on to any significant degree. You may also come across ‘.net’, but somehow that seems old hat in the 21st century.

Choose the right web site hosting

Choosing your web site hosting has some interesting choices too. The cheapest is in the USA, probably the most expensive in Cyprus. The UK and Germany are also two big providers of web site hosting.

Does it matter where your web site is? Yes – for two reasons. They are page load times and search engine optimisation.

If your web site is hosted in the USA and most of your customers are in Cyprus, you’re introducing noticeable latency (delay) into page load times. Not significant, but nonetheless delay – and you don’t want your customers getting bored and clicking away do you?

The search engines do pay some attention to where your web site is physically located. For example, if it’s in Germany, you will rank better in Google.de than you will in Google.com. When contracting for web site hosting, always check where the servers are physically located. Many UK web hosting companies actually use datacentres in Germany.

Final point. Make sure you own your web site domain names and contract for your web site hosting. Its not unknown for web site developers to register domain names in their own names, therefore tying you to them forever. We don’t do that. We’re happy to do all the legwork for you, and we prefer you stay with us because you want to.

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