Web site domain names in Greek

From December 10 2009, you can register .eu domain names in Greek characters

This is important news for all businesses operating in Cyprus. From 10 December it will be possible to register web site domain names in Greek characters with a ‘.eu’ suffix.

So if you fancy www.καλιμερα.eu – you’ll probably find it’s reserved. But if you’re selling household products, who’s first to www.σπιτι-μας.eu?

This follows the European Commission changing its internet domain name rules in June 2009 so that the characters of all 23 official EU languages can be used from 10 December.

Viviane Reding, the EU’s telecoms and internet Commissioner, heralded this major multilingual development.

“The online world should be a reflection of the multicultural and multilingual world offline. The internet should therefore not just be English, but also Arabic, Bulgarian, Greek, Farsi, Hindi, and Chinese. I am delighted with ICANN’s steps to further open domain names to different alphabets. The Commission has called for this for several years,” said EU Commissioner Reding. “In Europe, we are already well ahead in our plans to enable names under dot.eu to use Greek and Cyrillic letters before the end of the year and we are also pushing forward to have Greek and Cyrillic script versions of dot.eu at the top level very soon”.

Web sites in Greek

We/re often asked if we can build web sites in English and Greek.

The answer is yes, we can. We have an associate who is a native Cypriot who can translate content into Greek.

If you're planning to go down this route, make sure you can answer both emails and the phone in Greek, or all your good work will be undone!


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