Web site design

Web site design is about your customers

The only thing that matters about web site design is does it sell your product or service?

Forget fancy graphics and complex animations. Studies show they just slow things down and annoy your visitors.

We put function before design. Web sites are about convincing people to buy your products and services, they’re not about winning design awards.

It's all about making it easy for your customers.

Start with the business objectives

The first step is always to have clear business objectives for your site. With those on place, web site design follows naturally.

So we set out to design web sites that take visitors to your site along a clear path to a purchasing decision.

You don’t sell products? So your conversion might be a sales lead, an appointment, whatever it is that makes your business succeed.

The critical aspect of this is to think about the path you want visitors to follow, and make it easy for them. Give them reassurance when they need it. But get them to a page where they take the action you want, quickly.

Design is about making it easy for visitors to take the action you want them to take

We create web sites that have optimisation built into their core. Not just keyword optimisation, but optimisation of the journey visitors will follow to the action they will take.

In business terms we create simple, accessible sites using current industry best practice.

To make things happen quickly, we use open source content management systems. To make things readily accessible by the search engines, we use Cascading Style Sheets to format your web site.

We use the latest tools and techniques as efficiently as possible to be able to get your web site working quickly. When you want to evolve it in the future, that’ll be easy too. And because it’s all done using best industry practice you’ll get results quickly and be free to decide who you want to work with going forwards.

We never tie our clients to us – we want you to want to keep coming back because we’re the best. We’ll create your website to be simple and effective – and to sell.

Design isn’t about pretty layouts – it’s about how well your site does what you want it to do

A site isn’t just design. Its the words, messages and images that lead your customers to wanting to buy.

You can use our copywriting skills to turn your product or service story into a clear, simple to understand, compelling series of benefits visitors to your web site will want to buy.

Combine that with powerful pictures and it makes it easy to tell your story clearly and quickly to your visitors. You can use our commercial photography practice to make sure your products and services look great.

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