Web site copywriting

Web site copywriting is about making it easy for your visitors to take action

Did you know? Visitors to your web site will decide to stay or leave in under two seconds? Whatever you’re saying has to be compelling!

Copywriting for the web is a particular skill. As visitors scan web sites, you’ve got fleeting seconds to grab their attention. Forget complex word structures, it’s got to be simple and attention grabbing from the off.

Special offers, provocative questions, emotive words are some of the tools that grab people and get them to read more.

Copy needs to be written like a newspaper article and its got to be simple

Web site copy needs to be written in the same way as you’d write a newspaper article. All the key facts go in one sentence at the top. The following paragraphs – usually a maximum of two sentences – expand the idea once you’ve got the visitors attention.

You’ve then got to make it simple. Help the reader with lots of sub-headings, bullet points – everything that makes your text easy to read.

We make your product or service story easy to buy

Big Bang Business are experts at listening to your product or service story – and then getting the key elements out in a way that makes it simple for visitors to your web site to understand. To want to find out more. To want to buy.

It’s a skill to be able to understand the key benefits your customers buy – and then make sure they appear loud and clear on your web site.

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