Start now to be selling online before Christmas

Start your internet shop now to be selling online before Christmas

Want to sell online, but not sure how it works or where to start? 

This article explains what happens when you buy online - or of course you can leave it all to us to get you started.

We can take the mystery out of e-commerce — and get you selling online with your own Internet shop before Christmas.

How an Online Transaction Works

Have you ever wondered what happens after you click that "Add to Cart" button?  Below are the basic steps of an online transaction:

  • The buyer completes an order via the shopping cart of your online store.
  • An online shopping cart is the software that assists buyers in choosing and purchasing products.  We recommend Ubercart and VirtueMart – both open source (free!) solutions we can set up for you.
  • The shopping cart submits the order to a payment gateway, which then forwards a request to the buyer's credit card company.
  • A payment gateway securely transfers encrypted data, authorising buyers' credit cards and processing the transactions.
  • The credit card company validates the card and account, clears the card for purchase, then sends an acknowledgment back to the payment gateway that the amount can be transferred.
  • The payment gateway informs the shopping cart that the transaction was successful so that the buyer and the merchant can proceed accordingly.
  • The payment gateway initiates the transfer of funds from the buyer's credit card company to the seller's merchant account so that the payment can be deposited and finalised.
  • A merchant account is a bank account designed to accept electronic payments for your business. When customers purchase your product online, the money they pay for that product is deposited into this account.

Accepting PayPal Payments

PayPal is an easy option for accepting payments online. In this case, the shopping cart submits the order directly to PayPal, who then processes the transaction for you.

Many potential buyers already have PayPal accounts set up, with their credit card information saved. Upon checkout, they just log into their PayPal account to complete the transaction. You, as the seller, would have your own account with PayPal, where payments get deposited.

The holiday sales push will be here before you know it. If you want to be ready in time, call +357 99 860725 or contact us set up your store now.