SEO gone mad - updated

SEO gone mad - updated

Yesterday we posted an article about the problems associated with using so called SEO experts.

Turns out that not only are they writing rubbish, their website is a virus carrier too. So please don’t go there.

Is this how you want to be seen?

If you’re interested in the rubbish they’re writing to achieve search engine optimisation, it goes like this… (Quite safe to read, it’s been cleaned)

Bank Of Cyprus Internet Banking Exclusive Bank

Posted by Ida on 10:01 November 19, 2009

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Make any sense of that? We couldn’t! And it goes on, relentlessly in the same way, for ages.

So if you’d like web site optimisation to get traffic to your website and then get the visitors to actually do something worthwhile, let us know. We’re very good at that!