SEO gone mad!

SEO gone mad!

The buzz today is search engine optimisation. Everybody wants to be number one in Google. But they’re missing the point.

We gets lots of questions about search engine optimisation. And we get bombarded with offers to optimise our site from all over the world and in particular India.

Our advice is consistent. Optimise your entire web site to get it to do what you want. Don’t focus on chasing some search term you think will bring you traffic.

The real answer is sensible, frequently updated content that talks about the issues your customers face is the answer for seach engine placement. Yes, it’s hard work. And it needs to be done frequently and consistently. But it works.

So what about these great offers from India? I couldn’t understand why I was being bombarded with Google Alerts about internet banking in Cyprus. Until I started looking.

Now this is only a guess, but I’ve a feeling somebody in Bank of Cyprus wanted Google placement for ‘Bank of Cyprus Internet banking’. So they’ve commissioned somebody to get it for them.

[Updated] The original version of this post contained a link to the offending site. Turns out it wasn’t just publishing rubbish, it was also sending you viruses. So don’t got there. If you want to read the rubbish being written, go to this update where it’s safe!. [Update ends]

The bottom line is, I wonder what that nonsense cost them?

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