Rework - Change the way you work forever by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

Rework - Change the way you work forever:  Jason Fried and David Hansson

Probably the best book I've read in a while!  If you're starting a business or growing a business this is for you.

There's just so much common sense.  For example, try this brief excerpt...

Marketing is not a department

Do you have a marketing depatment?  If not, good.  If you do, don't think these are the only people responsible for marketing.  Accounting is a department.  Marketing isn't.  Marketing is something everyone in your company is doing 24/7/365.

Just as you cannot not communicate, you cannot not market,

  • Every time you answer the phone, it's marketing
  • Every time you send an email, it's marketing
  • Every time someone uses your product, it's marketing
  • Every word you write on your web site is marketing
  • If you build software, every error message is marketing
  • If you're in the restaurant business, the after dinner mint is marketing
  • If you're in the retail business, the checkout counter is marketing
  • If you're in the service business, your invoice is marketing

Truly essential reading for everyone running a business.