Nowhere to hide!

With the internet, there's nowhere to hide

Traditionally businesses in Cyprus have been able to hide poor customer service or bad news.  That’s not possible anymore.

The internet and social networking in particular have changed the rules of the game - in the favour of the consumer.

Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and leading forums like AngloInfo enable bad news to travel fast – a story can spread to 1,000s of people in hours and there’s nothing a business can do about it.

Some companies in Cyprus have tried and failed to use brute force to control their public image. 

Some of the big property developers for example have tried to use legal processes to get web sites they don't like taken down.

But all that does is add fuel to the flames – the bad news they’re trying to manage just travels further and faster.

The only real answer for companies is to actively engage in social networking, and use it to positively position their side of the story.  That’s a new skill for businesses in Cyprus to learn.

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