The internet is opening up the Cyprus market

The internet is opening up the Cyprus market

The Cypriot market has always had a big degree of protection from the rest of Europe, enabling higher prices and restricted competition.  But the internet changes all that.

It’s easy to buy almost anything on line and get it shipped to Cyprus.  Amazon is the world’s fastest growing retailer, and is in the top 20 worldwide.  And they deliver huge and growing quantities of products to Cyprus.

Forget import taxes, as a part of the EU Cyprus retailers have stiff competition coming their way fast.  Anything that’s easy to ship, is easy to sell in Cyprus on the web.  At open market prices.

Very few Cypriot retailers even have online stores, a key part of being able to compete. 

Trying to ignore what’s going to happen is like trying to tell the sun not to set at the end of the day.  And the proof is in every post office.  Just look at the piles of Amazon boxes awaiting collection.

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