Improve customer service and profitability

What can your web site be doing to enhance the service you give your customers?

Had an interesting discussion today. The client was a professional services business. They don’t sell products in the accepted sense.

Their business is built on credibility, integrity and ultimately helping their clients save or make money.

It's a face-to-face business. One where as a client you want to sit in front of somebody you respect and trust and take their advice. Not an obvious candidate for intensive use of the internet.

But having said that, the profitability of the business depends on how many clients the business can see in a day. What if appointment setting was automated? What if some basic client data was gathered before the meeting, so cutting out unproductive face-to-face time gathering names, addresses, …?

How does the business grow? Where and how does it get new clients? Traditionally professional services businesses have depended on networking as a way of growing the client base.

But now an informative web site that demonstrates credibility and integrity is a great shop window to talk about the issues and how the business could help its clients. A web site is a great way of telling 50% of the story, and then inviting clients to pay for the other 50% of the story – a very well worn path on the internet today.

And is there an international dimension to growing the business by using integrated communications tools – for example Skype?

This is exactly the type of business issue Big-Bang-Business can helps its clients excel at. Developing some clear objectives for the website and then measuring the path to their achievement is the key to success.