How we work with you

Our Ten Step Plan For Your Success

We're a business growth consultancy as much as we're a web design hotshop.

Here's our ten step business process to work with you to get you a web site that delivers measureable financial benefit to your business.

Step 1 - Objectives

Understand and define the key business objectives for your new web site. What is the web site expected to deliver in terms of financial results?

This is documented and forms the basis of us agreeing to work together.

We stay with you until the business objectives are delivered.

Step 2 - Approach

We discuss and agree the new web site’s approach and messages.

What are the key messages? What impression do you want visitor’s to get?

Step 3 - Functionality

We discuss and agree the new web site’s functionality.

What do you want visitors to be able to do? What services do you want to offer?

Step 4 – Look and Feel

What's the impression you want your customers to get?

What’s the new web site’s structure? What colours are being used? What images are being used?

Step 5 – Implementation

We create the new web site based on our discussions. At each stage we involve you in process.

We want you to have a web site that both delivers the objectives and you’re delighted with.

Step 6 – Live

The web site is activated to the world, and starts to deliver the objectives we’ve agreed.

Step 7 – Promote

We work with you to ensure the new web site is visible in the places your visitors go to ensure maximum traffic levels.

Step 8 – Measure

We implement traffic-monitoring tools like Google Analytics, and work with you to interpret what they’re saying.

Step 9 – Refine

Based on real world facts and experience, we work with you to optimise the web site to achieve its objectives.

This isn’t just search engine optimisation – more the whole process of getting visitors to take the actions we want.

Step 10 – Evaluate

Based on the results the web site is delivering, we discuss what to do next.

The bottom line is we stay with you until the site is achieving what we set out to do. That’s our promise.

Results Guaranteed

A much over-used word, but we stand by what we say.

If we agree the web site will deliver certain business objectives, we work with you until it does. Guaranteed.