How to measure e-business success?

Internet marketing can be an exact science with the right web site analytics

The ultimate measure of success of any e-business or e-commerce web site is ‘does it sell’?

But along the path to a ‘Buy Now’ button, there’s a number of events you can measure to improve your web site’s performance.

They are:

How many unique visitors?

How many people are making it to the web site, and where are they coming from? Looking at this data will tell you a great deal about your optimisation. But all it really tells you is how many people turned up at your web site.

Bounce rate

This tells you what percentage of the people who made it your web site decided it wasn’t for them and they moved on. A high bounce rate tells you you need to take action to improve your home page and any landing pages you’re using.

Average time on site / pages per visit

Both of these sets of data give you an indication of how engaging your web site is for visitors. Simply – the longer they spend and the more pages they look at, the more engaged they are. If the figures are low – what can you do to make your web site more engaging so that visitors want to stay and read?

Passive to active

The secret to e-commerce success is to gently take visitors towards a ‘buy now’ button. A key step on that journey is when they move from being ‘passive’ – just looking at pages – to being ‘active’.

Defining active is when they begin to provide information about themselves that’s on the path to a completed goal.

How can you make this easy and relevant for your visitors? Many web sites fall into the trap of seeking information that’s relevant to them – rather than gathering information that’s relevant to the visitor.

Completed goals

The nature of what’s being measured here will change depending on your web site’s objective. The goal could be sales, registrations, sign-ups – whatever it is that represents success for your web site. If the figures are low – is your proposition compelling enough? Are you providing enough reassurance to make it safe for visitors to buy?

Track your web site analytics

All the above statistics can be gathered from the various web site analytics tools available.

The most used web site analytics tool is Google Analytics. It’s free and very effective. And it can be customised to track the steps on the journey from a visitor arriving to them becoming a customer.

Web site analytics can be a very accurate science. Using the data that’s available takes the guesswork out of internet marketing. Acting on the data consistently enables a web site to be honed to achieve its business objectives.