The great SEO ripoff

SEO can be just one big rip off

Try doing a Google search for ‘SEO’ (Search Engine Optimisation) – you’ll be inundated with results.

The quest to be number one on Google has become the quest for everybody with a web site.

But its only a part of the story. Getting found is just one small step on the way to making a sale.

And found for what anyway? Unless the search term you’re being found for directly leads visitors to buy, what’s the point?

Sometimes the ready availability of more statistics than you can ever get your head around from great tools like Google Analytics leads people down the path of more. Usually more visitors. Hence the need to be number one on Google.

But if all those visitors arrive – boosting the statistics as they do so – and then leave because the content they’re looking at isn’t relevant – what’s the point?

The challenge is to look at the complete journey a visitor makes to and through your web site. Most importantly, do they complete that journey? We’d rather have fewer visitors where more complete the journey and buy!

So don’t be taken in by wild promises from SEO experts. The challenge isn’t Search Engine Optimisation, its web site optimisation – the much wider question of how to get more people to visit, more people to read and more people to buy.