Free web site health check

Free web site health check

How well is your web site meeting the needs of your business?

So many times, people decide their company needs a web site. So they get one. Job done.

No, job not done. Over time your customers expect more. Your business constantly evolves. Your competitors get more sophisticated. And so often, your company’s web site remains untouched.

Every company’s web site needs frequent investment of time and effort to make sure it continues to meet the needs of your customers and your business – and to stay ahead of your competitors.

And then there’s the ravages of time. Fashions change. What was acceptable even only a year ago can look dated. You want to look vibrant and successful, not a bit tired around the edges.

We can offer a free web site checkup - but be quick - this is a time limited offer.

We’ll look at your web site and suggest areas you could look at to make it better. There’s no obligation to work with us to make any changes you might decide to have, though equally you might chose to consider us to make them for you.

Web site Health Check

Our Web site Health Check includes four key elements:

Content Review

  • Is the home page compelling with prominent calls to action?
  • Is the content current and updated?
  • Is the content written in the best way for your visitors and search engines?
  • Are your pictures showing current products?
  • Are any prices shown correct?
  • How well is the website answering obvious questions your visitors have?
  • Is it easy for visitors to contact you and buy from you?

Usability and Legal Compliance

  • Do your pages load quickly?
  • Are your pages accessible? Is the text readable to all your visitors – especially older people if that’s your market?
  • Is the navigation clear and easy to follow?
  • Is the layout and design consistent?
  • Does the web site work and display properly in the three major browsers, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome?
  • Any broken links?
  • Is current legislation being met?


  • How is your website ranked by Google, Yahoo and Bing for the search terms visitors would be using?
  • How could your ranking be improved?
  • Is your site linked to an active presence on Facebook and Twitter?
  • Are you active on relevant forums?

Web Competitors

  • Who are your web competitors?
  • What are they doing better than you? What lessons can you learn from them?
  • How does your traffic compare with theirs?

Start Now

Contact us now to schedule your free website health check. This free offer is subject to availability.

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