Facebook advertising

Facebook advertising - get more customers now

The latest thing internet entrepreneurs are using is Facebook advertising.  And it’s not hard to see why they’re excited!

Think about this:

  • There are now over 400 million Facebook users
  • Facebook is the second most popular site on the web after Google
  • You can be highly selective about who you target and how from that vast number

If you can get close to defining your perfect customer, Facebook will find them for you. And just like Google Adwords, you can tightly monitor and control your advertising spend to make sure you’re getting real value for money.

So how does Facebook advertising work?

Design your advert

You start out by designing the advert you want to appear. There’s four elements to the advert:

  • Where it links to – your website, your Facebook page, …
  • The advert’s headline – 25 characters long
  • The advert’s body copy – 135 characters long
  • An optional picture – 110px wide by 80px tall


The fun bit. It’s quite astounding how precise you can be.

You can target your advertising using any combination of these filters:

  • Location – to town/city level
  • Age – from this to that
  • Gender – male or female or both
  • Keywords – that tie to the Facebook user’s likes and interests
  • Education – what level were they educated to?
  • Workplace – where do they work
  • Relationship Status – are they maried, single, …
  • Relationship interests – what are they looking for
  • Languages – what languages do they speak?


Facebook has two charging models.

  • ‘CPM’ is a cost per 1,000 appearances of your advert
  • ‘CPC’ is a cost per click through from your advert

Want brand awareness? Choose CPM. Want direct results? Choose CPC.

You then need to choose a maximum bid price you’re prepared to pay for each CPM or CPC.

Facebook makes suggestions and gives an indication of how many impressions or clicks per day that amount will generate.

Finally you choose a maximum daily budget.

This one’s important. If you’re prepared to pay €1.50 per click and you get 200 in a day, you’ve got a bill for €300 for that day’s advertising.

Initially, set the cap low until you’re confident of what you’re doing.


The final step is then to give Facebook your credit card details.

Press ‘Go’ and your adverts are running. Simple and effective.


Facebook provides some useful management tools to help you monitor your Facebook advertising campaign.

You can also add tracking code to your website to track exactly where people are coming from.

Combine that with the ‘Campaigns’ aspect of Google Analytics and you can know everything about how effective your advertising budget really is.

All very good stuff in today’s world of accountable advertising.