Design or functionality?

Design or functionality?

Chatting to a friend recently, she’d just got a new website for her business. It looked great – lots of animations, great pictures, nice colour scheme.

Only problem was it just wasn’t getting found in Google at all. Why not?

The developers who had created the site for her had make a lot of use of scripts to build and display the pages. In fact, they’d used them almost exclusively.

A quick look at the web site page source highlighted the problem – there was almost no actual text on the pages for Google to read and index.

Scripts are great to make a web site look flashy and funky. And they have their place. But modern web site page creation techniques can achieve much of what a script can do, and they do it in plain text that Google can find. We gave her a bit of advice, and she’s off now chatting to her developer to try to get them to fix it.

So what’s the moral of the story?

Be clear about what you want your web site to do for your business before anybody does anything. Think about where your customers are coming from and how they’re going to find you. And then design your web site to make that happen.

The other issue this example touches on is the question of web site optimisation. Not just search engine optimisation, but the whole question of how your web site interacts with your customers.


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