Act now to get ahead on the Internet

Act now to get ahead on the Internet

There’s a big e-commerce and Internet marketing opportunity in Cyprus just waiting to be filled.

The facts present a cocktail of opportunity to the internet entrepreneur.

  • The market for many commonly purchased items in Cyprus is uncompetitive and fragmented
  • E-commerce is nascent. Whilst the basic infrastructure to support selling on the internet is available, it is neither developed nor sophisticated
  • Prices for commonly purchased items in Cyprus are often (much) higher than the UK – in some cases 20% and more. This makes it possible to bring products from the UK, apply sophisticated e-commerce skills, and build a highly competitive market position rapidly

Our top tips to make this a success include:

  • Initially limit the range of products offered to category best sellers only
  • Choose products marketed locally to utilise international warranties
  • Recognise the biggest market opportunity is the Cypriot market. Your site shop front needs to be both Greek and English
  • Mobilise word-of-mouth by delivering outstanding customer service
  • Follow web site best practice – clear contact details, good ‘about us’ information, guarantees, returns policy. Clarity builds trust fast
  • Have a clear keyword strategy – achieving high search engine rankings is almost immediate outside of property and holiday propositions
  • Move fast. Recognise e-commerce marketing skills are neither widely understood nor readily available in Cyprus so local competitors will be unable to respond quickly
  • Work with an expert shipping/warehousing/distribution company to ensure excellent customer satisfaction
  • Sort out how to deal with the reverse logistics – returns – at the outset
  • Cost optimise the supply chain – use the biggest container to bring stuff in and the best geographical sourcing