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Property One Million Plus

Property One Million Plus - The Avli - an exclusive villa in Sea Caves, Paphos,

Our latest customer web site is Property One Million Plus.

Featuring an exclusive villa - The Avli at Sea Caves, Paphos - the project encompassed both photography and web site design.

Cyprus Business Network - Paphos web site update

Cyprus Business Network - Paphos Web Site Update

Progress is constant!

The Cyprus Business Network - Paphos web site needed a small upgrade to be able to display member's Twitter Tweets, so we took the opportunity to give the whole web site a bit of a makeover too.

Design or functionality?

Design or functionality?

Chatting to a friend recently, she’d just got a new website for her business. It looked great – lots of animations, great pictures, nice colour scheme.

Only problem was it just wasn’t getting found in Google at all. Why not?