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Property One Million Plus

Property One Million Plus - The Avli - an exclusive villa in Sea Caves, Paphos,

Our latest customer web site is Property One Million Plus.

Featuring an exclusive villa - The Avli at Sea Caves, Paphos - the project encompassed both photography and web site design.

How to keep spammers off your web site

How to keep spammers off your web site

A good friend has just been made to look a complete pratt on Facebook.  His fault?  Not at all.  He was the innocent victim of spammers.  This is what happened…

WordPress new version 3.0 'Thelonious'

WordPress New Version 3.0 'Thelonious'

WordPress has released the latest edition of its open source publishing platform - WordPress 3.0, dubbed Thelonious.

The new release aims to consolidate the task of managing multiple blogs, and streamline the user interface for site administrators.

Cyprus Business Network - Paphos web site update

Cyprus Business Network - Paphos Web Site Update

Progress is constant!

The Cyprus Business Network - Paphos web site needed a small upgrade to be able to display member's Twitter Tweets, so we took the opportunity to give the whole web site a bit of a makeover too.

Cyprus Living: Be an internet entrepreneur from home

Cyprus Living:  Be an internet entrepreneur from home

Article reprinted from Cyprus Living, December 2009 edition

Many people are looking for a simple business they can run from home. Starting an Internet business is the perfect way of doing this. It’s relatively low cost to get started, and it can be done at times to suit you.

Big Bang Business has helped loads of companies small and large get started and grow businesses on the Internet. From that experience, here’s our checklist to get you started down the right path.

What's a content management system?

What's a content management system?

Almost all of the e-business web sites we create today are based on the use of a Content Management System (CMS) – mostly Drupal, Joomla or Wordpress.

There are a host of reasons why we do that, and they almost all come down to saving you time and money.

Wordpress under attack

Wordpress is one of the most popular content management systems

If you’re using Wordpress for your web site, be aware of this one and take urgent action to upgrade to the latest release 2.8.4.