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Web site domain names in Greek

From December 10 2009, you can register .eu domain names in Greek characters

This is important news for all businesses operating in Cyprus. From 10 December it will be possible to register web site domain names in Greek characters with a ‘.eu’ suffix.

Web site rescue! What to do if it goes wrong

What do you do when the relationship with your web site supplier is broken?

I had a conversation this week with somebody who’s been sold a dream web site but been delivered a nightmare of unfinished features and drifting timescales.

Who owns your web site domain name?

Who owns your web site domain name?

There’s a scam we come across frequently when picking up looking after an existing web site that isn’t delivering the goods.

Often, the web site domain name is owned by the company that produced the web site originally.

Why are domain names so regulated?

Regulation and bureaucracy is strangling Cyprus domain names

Why is it that Cypriot web site domain names – – regulated so stringently?

What's stopping internet shopping taking off in Cyprus?

What's Stopping Internet Shopping Taking Off in Cyprus?

There are a number of barriers to selling on the internet in Cyprus. They’re all surmountable, but they all need a clear plan to overcome.

Here's our summary of what they are.