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Act now to get ahead on the Internet

Act now to get ahead on the Internet

There’s a big e-commerce and Internet marketing opportunity in Cyprus just waiting to be filled.

The facts present a cocktail of opportunity to the internet entrepreneur.

How to take online web site payments

How to take online web site payments

The key to successful selling on a web site is being able to take payments quickly and easily whilst reassuring your customers everything’s secure.

To accept online payments through your web site you need two elements: a payment processing service (PPS) and an internet merchant account (IMA).

Web site rescue! What to do if it goes wrong

What do you do when the relationship with your web site supplier is broken?

I had a conversation this week with somebody who’s been sold a dream web site but been delivered a nightmare of unfinished features and drifting timescales.

e-commerce success depends on good strategy

Internet marketing can be an exact science with the right website analytics

Many businesses view the internet as some sort of massive 'get rich quick' opportunity. Sadly, that's just not true.

Money is made on the internet the same as everywhere else – having a great value proposition that customers want to buy. You need an effective business and marketing strategy you stay true to.

Under 0.5% of business in Cyprus happens on the web

E-Commerce is tiny in Cyprus - so it's a major opportunity to capitalise on!

Amazing statistic, but true. The source is The Statistical Service of Cyprus report, “Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Usage and e-Commerce Survey in Enterprises”. It tells a story of an economy in the dark ages when it comes to the use of the internet to help businesses grow.

Turn unhappy customers into buying customers

Turn unhappy customers into buying customers

Dissatisfied customers are an interesting group that every web marketeer should take a great interest in because they represent a huge potential to grow your business. Here’s why…

What's stopping internet shopping taking off in Cyprus?

What's Stopping Internet Shopping Taking Off in Cyprus?

There are a number of barriers to selling on the internet in Cyprus. They’re all surmountable, but they all need a clear plan to overcome.

Here's our summary of what they are.

Improve customer service and profitability

What can your web site be doing to enhance the service you give your customers?

Had an interesting discussion today. The client was a professional services business. They don’t sell products in the accepted sense.

Their business is built on credibility, integrity and ultimately helping their clients save or make money.