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Who owns your web site domain name?

Who owns your web site domain name?

There’s a scam we come across frequently when picking up looking after an existing web site that isn’t delivering the goods.

Often, the web site domain name is owned by the company that produced the web site originally.

Why are .com.cy domain names so regulated?

Regulation and bureaucracy is strangling Cyprus domain names

Why is it that Cypriot web site domain names – .com.cy – regulated so stringently?

What's stopping internet shopping taking off in Cyprus?

What's Stopping Internet Shopping Taking Off in Cyprus?

There are a number of barriers to selling on the internet in Cyprus. They’re all surmountable, but they all need a clear plan to overcome.

Here's our summary of what they are.

Design or functionality?

Design or functionality?

Chatting to a friend recently, she’d just got a new website for her business. It looked great – lots of animations, great pictures, nice colour scheme.

Only problem was it just wasn’t getting found in Google at all. Why not?

The great SEO ripoff

SEO can be just one big rip off

Try doing a Google search for ‘SEO’ (Search Engine Optimisation) – you’ll be inundated with results.

The quest to be number one on Google has become the quest for everybody with a web site.

Will your web site copy move a sonambulant sloth?

Will your web site copy move a sonambulant sloth?

Asking ‘will your copy move a somnambulant sloth’ is a question posed by copywriting master John Carlton.

Improve customer service and profitability

What can your web site be doing to enhance the service you give your customers?

Had an interesting discussion today. The client was a professional services business. They don’t sell products in the accepted sense.

Their business is built on credibility, integrity and ultimately helping their clients save or make money.

Cyprus lags Europe for Internet usage and connection speed

Cyprus lags Europe for Internet usage and connection speed

From time to time the European Union publishes some interesting data. A good example is the Eurobarometer no.293, E-Communications Household Survey published in mid-2008.

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