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e-commerce shopping cart comparison

e-commerce shopping cart comparison

Recently we had a customer bring us a complex e-commerce requirement.

That prompted us to look again at the various e-commerce internet shopping cart solutions currently available.

Google Adwords: low cost, effective advertising

Advertising used to be expensive, loosely targeted and its effectiveness almost impossible to quantify. Until Google Adwords came along.

Google Adwords is inexpensive, very tightly targeted and you can measure it’s effectiveness precisely. And you can make it happen almost instantly.

Top 10 passwords you shouldn't use

Passwords are to keep people out. Do yours achieve that?

Most of us still haven't answered the call by security experts to implement more robust passwords.

In fact, in a list of the most easy to hack passwords, simply typing '123456' took a truly forgettable top prize.

Love Island Cakes

Love Island Cakes

We're delighted to announce our latest new customer website - Love Island Cakes.

Love Island Cakes are a Paphos, Cyprus based business specialising in making custom wedding cakes for UK couples getting married in Cyprus and cakes for all sorts of other special celebrations. They are masters of producing some truly spectacular cake designs.

Cyprus Living: Social networking builds internet business

Cyprus Living:  Social networking builds internet business

Article reprinted from Cyprus Living, January 2010 edition

Building an internet business from home depends on getting your story in front of potential customers.

The good news is an internet entrepreneur doesn’t need a big shop on the High Street to be successful. You can do it very effectively using social networking.

Professional services companies need professional web sites

Professional services companies need professional web sites

Your business web site should be your most powerful marketing tool. It’s the place prospects and clients go to learn about you and your services.

The right web site can have a huge impact on their ultimate purchase decision. Only 3% of 200 buyers surveyed - from companies of all sizes - say a web site has no influence over their purchase decision.

e-commerce opportunity in Cyprus

EU statistics highlight the size of the Cyprus e-commerce opportunity

The European Union (EU) has just published some new statistics highlighting the growth of e-commerce throughout Europe.

These figures show clearly the size of the e-commerce opportunity waiting to be filled in Cyprus. And filled it will be, fast.

Is your web site delivering?

A maze or a useful tool? You web site should be delivering results!

A new year is always a good time to reflect and consider how things can be better. And that of course includes your company’s web site.

Don’t think technology. Think customers and business objectives. Think business outcomes.

SEO gone mad - updated

SEO gone mad - updated

Yesterday we posted an article about the problems associated with using so called SEO experts.

Turns out that not only are they writing rubbish, their website is a virus carrier too. So please don’t go there.

SEO gone mad!

SEO gone mad!

The buzz today is search engine optimisation. Everybody wants to be number one in Google. But they’re missing the point.

We gets lots of questions about search engine optimisation. And we get bombarded with offers to optimise our site from all over the world and in particular India.

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