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Web usability by Jakob Nielsen

Web usability by Jakob Nielsen

I’ve just listened to an interview with Jakob Nielsen – the acknowledged web guru on web usability.  He takes an uncompromising view that business web sites are for your customers, not for you.

Some of Jakob Nielsen’s key issues with web site usability today are:

WordPress new version 3.0 'Thelonious'

WordPress New Version 3.0 'Thelonious'

WordPress has released the latest edition of its open source publishing platform - WordPress 3.0, dubbed Thelonious.

The new release aims to consolidate the task of managing multiple blogs, and streamline the user interface for site administrators.

Social networking sites account for a quarter of all web time

Facebook is the second most popular website on the planet - and also in Cyprus!

Wow - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and all the others are now accounting for 110 billion minutes of web users' time every month.

Internet users have doubled the time they spend on social networking pages in the past year, according to new research from the Nielsen Group.

Facebook advertising

Facebook advertising - get more customers now

The latest thing internet entrepreneurs are using is Facebook advertising.  And it’s not hard to see why they’re excited!

Think about this:

What regulations apply to selling online?

What regulations apply to selling online?

When businesses start selling on the web, there's a raft of consumer protection legislation that applies throughout the EU to be aware of.

If you're operating fairly, there's nothing to be afraid of. However, it's good to understand what the regulations are so you don't fall foul of them.

Stock? What stock?

Recently we’ve had conversations with lots of people wanting to start selling products on the web. And they all want to keep stock to be able to offer immediate delivery.

Cyprus Business Network - Paphos web site update

Cyprus Business Network - Paphos Web Site Update

Progress is constant!

The Cyprus Business Network - Paphos web site needed a small upgrade to be able to display member's Twitter Tweets, so we took the opportunity to give the whole web site a bit of a makeover too.

Internet business growth specialists

Internet business growth specialists

Why are we so much more for our clients than just another web design company?

Is your web site working hard enough?

Is your web site working hard enough?

All businesses looking for new customers can dramatically improve their chance of success by focusing more effort on where their potential customers look first.

And that’s on the web. Want to find something? Google it…

Care at Home Cyprus

Care at Home Cyprus

We're delighted to announce our latest new customer web site – Care at Home Cyprus.

Care at Home Cyprus is a Paphos, Cyprus based business specialising in providing a variety of care services to help people live in their own homes longer.

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